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Download Warcraft 2 Alpha (13.3 MB)
This alpha version was closer to the final version but you can still see some amazing things, like the ressource they removed: Ore, yeah you could harvest mountains like you harvest forest and bring it back to the foundry wich was on land at this time.

Warcraft 2 Alpha GFX files

Old Orc Barracks
This is the alpha Orc barracks, in summer, winter and wasteland tilesets. You can take a look
at it in a Alpha shot, not much change but still, it's an alpha gfx, I didn't rip it out, I just remade it with the current barracks. Credits: Seran Antyrael

The following program list is a reproduction of the WARCLAN's Warchive when it was still up...
I was a member of the warclan, anyway, if you're interested in Warcraft TCs then you've got everything you need right here, I think I'm one of the only sites to still have that stuff around, if you've got any questions or need help, email me and I'll answer you the best I can.

Warcraft I: Orcs and Humans Files

Warcraft 1 Editing Stuff
There's a warcraft 1 editor and a knowledge base for warcraft 1 too (to work with wardraft)

A better War1 Palette by Warlock
Warlock's Homepage

Classic Warcraft 2 Files


Wall Hack
With this hack, you can build walls in single player. (Remember that computers can't destroy walls)

Editing tool

Wardraft 1.4a by Alexander Cech
Alexander Cech's Homepage
This is one of the most important warcraft 2 editing tool, you can import/export almost everything of the game.

Puddraft 0.96 BETA by Alexander Cech
Alexander Cech's Homepage
An enhanced warcraft 2 beyond the dark portal (v1.33 English only) map editor.

#278 Tools by Alexander Cech
Alexander Cech's Homepage
Helps with dis/assembling the entry #278. (I think 278 is unit speed or movement)

Pud Paste by Bladefist
Copy and paste parts of you .pud map.

War2unit by Scorpion
Warcraft 2 unit editor for a single pud, can be used as a plug-in for Puddraft.

War2xed 5.51 by Daniel Lamberg
A good warcraft 2 map editor, one of the only editor that allows you to put neutral units/buildings to a specific team, but don't worry, that's not its only feature :)

Pud Browser by Bill Wright
Bill Wright's Homepage

UDTAed 1.0 by Scott Sipe
A unit editor.

UDTAed (Plug-in for Puddraft) by Scott Sipe
Same as above but only works as a plug-in for puddraft, I never used it but I heard it is better than the simple UDTAed.

Pud Restrictor 1.2 by Alexander Cech
Alexander Cech's homepage
Adds spells/buildings and units restrictions for single puds.

Warmaker 2.12 by Myro Hodyl
Myro Hodyl's Homepage
Warmaker is a pud generator.

Warspell by VTM-soft
VTM-soft's homepage

Warhack for Dos / Windows By Merlin
Merlin's Homepage
This is the ultimate warcraft 2 hacking utility, I don't know what the editors would do without warhack, it can change a unit's commands, wich is very useful, it can be used to hack warcraft 2 but us, editors use it for editing purposes.

UDTAhack 4.0 by Merlin
Merlin's Homepage
Another editing utility wich is VERY useful, it can change units stats, not only in 1 pud but in all of warcraft 2.

Cursor maker by Ace Calhoon
Converts bmp images to wc2 cursor files. Easy to handle.

Universal Game Editor (UGE) by Jack Hartmann
Jack Hartmann's homepage
I don't know how it exactly works.

Warcraft II Edition

Editing Tools

Warcraft 2 BNE MPQ Viewer
Just like Starcraft and Diablo 2's MPQ viewer, it does not allow you to import anything but you can export about anything in warcraft 2 bne mpq, the war2bne data .txt should be included.

MPQ Creator 2000
I don't know much about this editor and I don't know how to use it, I'm more experienced with the classic warcraft 2.


Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos

WorldCraft Enhancer
Enhances the Warcraft III world editor, now you can place some of the hidden units, haven't
tested it myself but I heard there's terran marine and Zerg Hidralisk.

Battle.LAN by BattleLan Admin
Heard this prog can allow you to play WCIII on TCP/IP, and not only
WCIII too, heard it works with other games too. Anyway, from what I heard,
this program seems to be the best of those TCP/IP progs for WCIII so I'll
only put this one for now...

Farsight v0.1 by Deus E Machinis.
This thing is supposed to work the same as Battle.LAN but for the

Diablo, Warcraft and Starcraft are copyrighted to Blizzard Entertainement, which is one great game making company...
The content of the present site, however, is copyrighted to me, Seran Antyrael. (That's my alias!)
I am the one and only author of this site AND Hell's Frozen. HF is a non-profit, free net-comic based on Diablo.